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The Art of Persuasion in Healthcare

Patients, like each of us, are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of persuasive messages every day. Media messages are a large part, but aren't the whole story. The messages that come from interactions with the health care system are just as important.

  • A telephone representative acknowledges the patient concerns and makes the appointment, when the patient wants it.

  • A patient is still in the waiting room more than 30 minutes after their appointment time.

  • While holding the doorknob, a doctor asks, "Are there any other questions?"

  • Referrals to specialty departments are streamlined by the system

  • Patients get timely follow up after screening tests.

  • Primary care knows what happened in specialty care when the patient has follow up appointment.


Every day patients get these small-scale, usually low-stakes persuasive messages, intended to influence their attitudes and behaviors, even though we don't always label them that way. Patients deflect or ignore some messages. Others get through and are successful, sometimes despite our own best intentions.

But it's not just others who are sending persuasive messages. We are, too. Many of us send out more such messages than we get back. Sometimes without knowing it.

To learn more about how persuasion can positively influence your healthcare practice, contact us today.

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