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Improve team-patient collaboration

Chaumette Consulting develops patient engagement workshops tailored to help front line staff improve care plan compliance, patient well-being and overall experience. We train health and other professionals to more actively engage patients, families and communities and we develop patient-facing products for print, video, and blog formats.  

With timely, relevant health communication approaches, you can more effectively manage patients' challenges and successes over the lifespan. 

Contact us for more information or to set up a free consultation.

Engage your patients

Who are your highest risk or highest cost groups? What does your data show? How do you engage patients in their care?


We conduct focus groups and individual interviews, and develop relevant patient-focused health education content that is actionable and engaging.

Our consultants use quantitative and qualitative health data to develop multi-lingual patient outreach campaigns for 100 to 1,000,000 people. We'll help you monitor and evaluate the results and give you ways to refine your patient engagement strategies.

Contact us to discuss your next patient outreach initiative and project management for health communication campaigns.


Dialogues for Health - Workshops

We each have a story to tell and those stories influence our health and how we manage it. Chaumette Consulting helps healthcare organizations connect with the communities they serve and develop programs that meet patient needs, using patient input and feedback.

Dialogues for Health workshops help teams practice and refine patient engagement skills - where patient-driven health care begins.


To support your organization with improving patient engagement, we develop skill-building sessions for groups of 10-40 health professionals or students and include patient participation when possible. Our goal is to help you bridge communication gaps between patients and providers.  

We will help you recruit patient participants and develop strategies for utilizing their input in quality improvement initiatives across your organization. 

Contact us for more information or to set up a free consultation.

Health Education Specialists

Health Education Specialists make sense. They make sense of health information when patients want it, provide coaching and lifestyle management support to help maintain good health and overall well-being.

Let's face it. A 12-minute doctor office visit is not enough time for all questions to be asked and answered, not for the provider and not for the patient. And questions often come up long after the appointment is over.

A new diagnosis can be daunting. Our Health Education Specialists support patients with relevant, timely, health information, coaching, and action planning. 

Contact us if you are a patient or know of someone who wants a personal health education specialist on their side. We're here for you.

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